Download: AMD Radeon Software Crimson driver released

Finally, AMD released the first version of the Radeon Software Crimson driver. This new driver offers a completely new experience with 12 new or improved features and up to 20% better performance. This modern generation software package is more efficient, more efficient and more lovable than Catalyst. Crimson is more than just a new name and stylish design, so stay tuned for more.

According to AMD, the company has been working on Radeon Software Crimson for over a year. The company’s focus in developing Radeon Software Crimson has been on completely redesigning and modernizing the user interface. AMD itself has acknowledged that in recent years it has always received feedback from users expressing dissatisfaction with the Catalyst suite and especially its user interface. So the company has decided to seriously improve it.

The main window of the Radeon Software Crimson package is quite clear and simple. The main window has various buttons for settings in categories including gaming, video, display, Eyefinity and system, all of which are well illustrated. In addition to the buttons mentioned at the top of the window, in the main window, the notifications, updates and personal settings sections are located next to the social media link buttons.

AMD not only improves the user interface and gives the user a more modern feel, but also improves some features, for example the new Game Manager feature automatically searches the user’s system and detects installed games. To be able to apply specific and optimal profiles for each of them. With this feature, not only will you be able to change settings such as how to apply anti-aliasing, but you can also change the settings related to the anisotropic filter and the type of tessellation for each game. More interestingly, gamers will be able to apply a separate overclocking for each game, for example, you can overclock the GPU by 5% when running a game and 10% when running another game.

The ability to overclock specifically for each game seems interesting because some games require more stability and fixed overclocking can sometimes be a hassle. So the possibility of lowering the level of settings for some problematic games can be very useful. Of course, there are users who are not interested in this feature and prefer to apply general settings, but this possibility is also reserved for them.

The video header comes with several predefined profiles including home video, classic cinema, outdoor video and sports. You can browse through all the available options and apply the desired settings, for example, enable FreeSync or change the VSR settings. Separate settings will be available for each when several different displays are connected to the card or graphics cards. You can use a FreeSync-enabled monitor next to a monitor without this feature at the same time, or even enable different features individually in each.

AMD has also improved the Eyefinity configuration tool to include not only advanced settings; You will also have access to easy and step-by-step configuration.

According to AMD, the performance of this software package compared to Catalyst has been significantly improved and from now on it will run much faster. According to the company, the implementation of Catalyst Omega took an average of eight seconds, but the company’s goal is to achieve uninterrupted and immediate implementation. Therefore, AMD now claims that it will take only 0.6 seconds to run the new driver on regular gaming systems, which will be much less on more powerful systems. Achieve such great success by setting aside the Net programming library. And it is possible to replace it with QT.

If you have ever been fascinated by Radeon Software Crimson Edition; I must say that this driver is not the only change ahead, and from now on AMD will change its GPU driver annually. The new drivers are based on a new naming pattern, albeit a simple one. Then a four-digit number will be placed in the form of YY.MM, the first two digits represent the year and the second two digits indicate the month of their release.

Preliminary studies show little improvement in performance, but Radeon Software Crimson has many new and innovative features. The published version is a trial.