Download Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon game for Android

Download Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon game for Android

A strange and magical world awaits you in such a way that there are all kinds of creatures that come to your mind with their own powers. Rulers who attack each other with their armies with the intention of invading and plundering resources, and do not spare any effort to destroy their rivals, because if they fail, it is the rival who will win. If you want to enter this big and tumultuous world and at the same time experience unparalleled excitement, read on.

In the popular game Art of Conquest: Sylvani Spring, which has been produced in the style of role-playing and produced by Lilith Games game development studio , we see the existence of various role-playing elements, including the existence of various creatures, headed by dragons. As a ruler, you can choose one of the five races assigned to you at will, cultivate and upgrade it to provide a powerful army, and double your territory by attacking other rulers. To become more powerful, invade the dragon’s nest and breed it by looting dragon eggs so that you can use powerful dragons in your army.

Key game features:

  1. Enjoy stunning 3D graphics
  2. Ability to search for different places on the map
  3. Ability to summon powerful heroes with unique features by special abilities
  4. Ability to control an army of several hundred people on the battlefield
  5. Ability to build strong fortifications to defend your territory
  6. Receive very special bonuses if you destroy the boss of the demons
  7. Ability to compete with other players around the world

Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon is currently rated 4.3 out of 5.0 in the Play Store . What are you waiting for? Now you can download the game introduced in this article for free