Download Black Survival v7.0.02 - Android
Black Survival

Download Black Survival v7.0.02 – Android

Black Survival game has been released by ARCHBEARS game development studio in Google Play store for free. This game is in the action style, which was able to register a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 on Google Play with 1 million downloads.

In the game survival in the dark, you have to fight with 10 people in PvP for 20 minutes and choose one of 35 different characters in the game and enter the island. The island is divided into 22 different areas such as hospitals, forests, beaches, etc. You must go to each of these areas to find 7 types of special weapons and collect items by hunting animals and other characters. And upgrade your character level.

Black Survival generally involves surviving day and night, hiding, and making items. In this game select characters such as actors, doctors, police, hackers, cooks, and students, each of whom has their own skills in different jobs. You can get more than 600 weapons by collecting various items and taking possession of the kingdom. Depending on the character and weapon you choose, you have to determine your strategy during the game. You need Android 4.4 or higher to run this game.

Black Survival v7.0.02 Apk


Black Survival

“Real-Time Survival Game played by 10 people on a desert island”
1. PvP game played for roughly 20 minutes. Fights are easily done with a single touch.
2. Island is divided into 22 areas; including Hospital, Forest, Beach, etc… As time passes, they turn into Restricted areas, narrowing the battlefield.
3. Fencer, actor, doctor, police, hacker, cook, student, and more! There are over 35 kinds of different characters to choose from.
4. Gun, Bow, Hand, Blunt, Blade, and more! There is a total of 7 weapon types, each with its own strategies.
5. Hundreds of different ingredients are hidden over the island that can be used to craft over 600 types of weapons, tools, and foods.

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