Download Bomb Squad Academy 1.1.6 - for Android
Bomb Squad Academy

Download Bomb Squad Academy 1.1.6 – for Android

In Bomb Squad Academy, you can experience one of the best and most challenging puzzle stages and destroy the structures you have with bombs. As you see improvements in the game, you can use new powers and put special tools in the way. You need to be fast enough and think logically as much as you can. This game is installed and runs on the Android operating system 4.0.3 and above. The components you see in the game are like a circuit on the screen and you can change them frequently and view the results.

Bomb Squad Academy 1.1.6 Apk + Mod


Bomb Squad Academy


Save the world one wire at a time with Bomb Squad Academy, a puzzle game where you have to defuse bombs under a time constraint.

Analyze the way the electronic boards function and identify how to disable the detonator. Be careful though, cutting the wrong wire or flipping the wrong switch might just trigger the bomb.

As you progress through the game, you will be faced with increasingly challenging circuits that will test your ability to work through logic puzzles quickly. Identify the components, understand the connections and learn what makes the circuit work. Do it fast enough and you might just make it through.

Check IAP receipts on launch and make sure Full Version is properly unlocked if not.

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  • File size: 95 MB