Download Cloud Farm - Android
Cloud Farm

Download Cloud Farm – Android

With the Cloud Farm game experience, you can have unforgettable adventures on your dream farm and experience exciting journeys in a beautiful and fantasy environment. Your task in the game is to build buildings and develop your kingdom on the farm and you must add as many new buildings as you can and produce the items needed by your neighbors. This way you can have a good interaction and go on a basic adventure in the game.

By downloading Cloud Farm, you will have an important part of your daily tasks and you can experience exciting events. The prince and his wife are going to save their father’s house, and in this way, you will experience a long story with all the managerial duties. This game is installed and runs on Android 4.2 and above.

Cloud Farm Apk + Mod


Cloud Farm

“Cloud Farm” is a fairy story, where every player can join unforgettable adventures, defeat the evil wizards and make friends with cute furry local citizens. Magic Kingdom of Lumeria is in danger that is why Prince and Princess are here to save their home. You can join fairy adventures to explore the infinite stories, full of trips and mysteries. Explore hidden magic islands and shiny worlds, get new acquaintances, fairy items, and exciting events. Household is a very important part of royal day-to-day tasks. Take care of animals and gardens, restore buildings, and develop your kingdom. In Cloud Farm you can:

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