Download Deep Freeze full file deletion and damage

Many users face problems with the operating system, most of which are due to viruses and modifications that the user makes without experience, making the system become slower or making it completely corrupt, just as there are many programs that affect the system such as  protection  programs and some programs to speed up and clean up Windows, such as  Ccleaner  The famous of all of these factors leads to a shortening of the Windows life and ending in a short period with a significant weakness in performance.
The Deep Freeze program is the   perfect solution for everyone who suffers from the problems mentioned, because it is designed to make the files remain as they are without modification or deletion. For example, you can install a new Windows system and then after  downloading the Deep Free 2020 program for free  and install it you lock the partition that holds the operating system so that There is no change in the system and this feature is very useful for computers in Internet cafes that are subject to changing settings from time to time with every user as it is also useful for those who have children and is afraid that the system will be damaged because of their wrong use of it is a wonderful and distinct program that deserves to download and will save you the trouble Searching and installing a new Windows with every time a system problem occurs. Instead of all this, all you have to do is do a system restart and all the problems will disappear and the device will return as the first time you start it.