Download Defend your life 1.0078 - for Android
Defend your life

Download Defend your life 1.0078 – for Android

In Defend your life, you play the role of a strategic commander and you can defend your last frontiers. Human anatomy is where you travel and you can save a life for this person through your struggles. It is definitely a unique experience for you and you are facing one of the best games in the style of castle defense. You can experience this game for free and offline and pursue one of your clear goals. You have to fight bacteria and viruses and win. This game is installed and runs on Android 2.3 and above.

Defend your life 1.0078 Apk


Defend your life


Take the role of a strategic commander and fight in the last frontier of life itself – the human anatomy. Defend your life in your own body and enjoy a unique tower defense experience! Play the best tower defense game for free and offline.

You are the commander of your human body’s sentinels and you have one clear objective: Bacteria and viruses shall not pass through your defense systems. In order to deal with the noxious horde, you must think tactically, construct and upgrade buildings, reinforce troops, support them with special upgrades and annihilate the enemy with extreme prejudice.

– Fix bugs

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