Download Destiny game for PS4 + updates

Download Destiny game for PS4 + updates

Destiny is a third-person online game published by Activision , Destiny has a very new story idea, but is just one factor enough to make the game a lasting effect? Destiny is a game that, although it has an extremely high potential, all its unique features are lost under the shadow of its graphic problems. The story of the game takes place in the distant future when aliens invade the earth and you have to stop them and save the earth from them. There are three main races in the game, each with its own unique abilities and characteristics, and you can choose one of them and fight with other players in the game environment.

The story of the game is told in a future in which all the planets are destroyed and only one planet remains to be inhabited and the aliens want to take from them the planet that is the only human hope for survival. You have to fight with the other players and fight the aliens. Get out of the planet, as mentioned in the game there are three different races called Awoken (which are the same as space), Humans (humans), Exo (robots) that you can choose a race to your liking.

The gameplay, like other third-person games released by Activision, has the legacy of the Call of Duty series and has many features of this series, such as fast movements, jogging, chaos, and cinematic prequels. Which occurs in the last world and includes online elements.

After the release of Destiny, the creators released three DLCs called The Dark Below Review, The Taken King Review, and Rise of Iron Review for the game, which add new story content, weapons, and maps to the game.

The game’s creators in the graphics section have tried to use all the power of the eighth generation hardware and produce an epic effect and have been somewhat successful, but the game’s graphic art and game environment design has drawbacks, although the creators, a good opportunity to depict landscapes They had a stunning space and galaxy, but they did not use it well, and we see dull and boring environments in the game. The technical graphics of the game, however, work well and receive a passing score.

The game’s sound is very well done in explosions, shooting, and especially epic dialogues between the characters, and it conveys to you the feeling of the game being the last time.

Destiny is a good and fun online game that is highly recommended for fans of the Call of Duty series who want to experience the world of this series in a different environment with their friends.