Download DgFlick ICARD Xpress Pack 5.1 x86 / 5.0 x64 Free
DgFlick ICARD Xpress Pack 5.1

Download DgFlick ICARD Xpress Pack 5.1 x86 / 5.0 x64 Free


ICARD Xpress is a software application and professional design and manufacture of identification. ICARD Xpress is a versatile tool for designing ICARD. You can design bulk ICARD with bulk data for business organizations, schools, clubs, safe-havens, and many more ICARD requirements. You can also import data from various formats, including Excel.

Features and specifications of  ICARD Xpress program:

  • Export data from mobile to CSV
  • User-definable data fields
  • Import data from CSV and XLS files
  • Import data to Icard Xpress from CSV
  • Easy user interface and simple data entry
  • Keep the language and font source when importing
  • Use the Icard Xpress mobile app to collect data
  • Different types of data fields such as text, list, date, time, image, and so on.
  • QR Code: Automatically generate QR Codes from multiple data fields defined by you.
  • Image editing: Ability to zoom and crop the image while rotating it in different directions
  • B. Barcode: Automatic barcode production from any data field Different types of barcodes for numerical and alphabetical fields.
  • Professional editor: color correction options, RGB and photo brightness management, photo contrast, more editing with tools like curve and level
  • Design tools: ICARD Designer interior options for professional design of different ICARDs, ICARD in different sizes horizontally and vertically, ability to design one or two-sided card, use the background image of your choice and other items for ICARD design Based on customer needs, use the desired font and size with different colors, specify the size of the photo and insert the frame

required system 

Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz Processor and above
1 GB RAM (2GB Recommended)
1 GB free disk space
CD-ROM drive
Microsoft Windows XP (service pack 2) and above
USB Port *


DgFlick ICARD Xpress Pack 5.1

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Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download ICard Xpress Pack 5.1 Multilingual x86
Download ICard Xpress Pack 5.0 Multilingual x64
Download DgFlick ICARD Xpress PRO 4.1.0 Multilingual
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