Download Dragon Overseer 1.6.51 - for Android
Dragon Overseer

Download Dragon Overseer 1.6.51 – for Android

Dragon Overseer game takes you to a land where dragons rule and you have to fly with your unique dragon and progress further in the game. You have to become more and more powerful and upgrade all the capabilities of your dragon. For this purpose, you can go through the steps and earn as many points as you can. The game battles are unique and will entertain you. Adventure in the game plays a key role and can be very attractive even for children. This game is installed and runs on Android operating system 4.1 and above.

Dragon Overseer 1.6.51 Apk



A game should never feel like work, – “oh no, I have to log in to get the daily bonus”, I respect the gamer and their lives, the top player can take a long break and then come back, spend his turns and still get back on top. The server will store your excess turns while you’re gone.

New For 1.3.X
* MAJOR Overall Enhanced Performance!
* Freezes and Crashes solved
* Mode Loading & Closing times reduced by up to 85%!
* Bugs reported by community FIXED special thanks to the players!
* Reminder to register, preventing lost dragons

File information
  • File size: 101 MB