Download Driver Magician drivers

Driver Magic program is a free program that gives you the ability to take a backup copy of your drivers and work to update them and restore a copy of them when removed from the computer, the program is based on many functions, including searching for media used in the computer and then work To find its own drivers, get a backup copy of files, save them to your computer, and reuse them when the drivers are needed.

Driver Magic program allows you to search for the necessary drivers for your computer when reinstalling the operating system on the computer again and search for the drivers that the computer needs and then start downloading them and also display data for programs and applications installed on the operating system such as the version of the program and The date of issuance and the function of the program on the operating system, the program generally improves the performance of the computer by adding the definitions it needs in order to work efficiently and not affecting the performance of the computer in general, and the program can work to update programs through the available database Inside the program, you can search for drivers and download them to your computer.
Driver Magician program supports 6 different languages, including the English, French and Spanish languages, and it does not support the Arabic language. However, the program is characterized by ease of dealing with it and obtaining the definitions you want on the computer, which find it difficult to protect them on the computer and operate them, and the program supports all Windows versions and does not need any great capabilities to operate efficiently, only any version of Windows.

When updating the definitions, the program needs to have the paid version registered with it, but you can get a backup copy of the files or reinstall them again from a copy on the computer directly.

Information about Driver Magician version for the   computer
Software release: Driver Magician 5.1
Release Date: August 2018
Developer: GoldSolution Software, Inc.
The size of the program: 4.5 MB
Software license: Trial