Download F1 2016 game for Android

So far, few games have been made about the fascinating and exciting sport of F1 or Formula 1 that can satisfy you in terms of graphics and story. If you are a fan of this style of game, you know that every year the game development studio Codemasters Software Company releases new versions of F1 for different platforms. Now the studio is thinking of making the fans of this competition happier by producing a version for Android smartphones. F1 2016 is the result of the efforts of different people in this studio, which has been designed and published for mobile phones. Attractive and well-formed graphics have been able to bring us magnificent and attractive scenes. Attractive voice acting along with exciting music complete the game. Enter the competition and choose one of your favorite teams or teams. Get through the initial training and enter the breathtaking and fast F1 races.

+ Game graphics:
Designers have spent a lot of time creating the best effects as well as showing attractive scenes and have achieved the desired result. The game’s graphics are excellent and perfect and will be able to dazzle your eyes. Everything looks good with the high graphics of F1 2016, even the smallest details such as small sparks that come out of the floor of cars or corroded tires on the track, which are troublesome, will be visible. One of the most important parts of a car game is the controllers. You can not fully enjoy the game if the controllers do not work properly. Khoshbatkhaneh, the production studio, has also paid a lot of attention to this section and has designed them well. Another important part of racing and machine games is sound. Some people like to hear and enjoy the sound of the car in the best possible way, or some prefer music while driving.

+ Generalities + Summary:
In this game, you will see the cars of the 2016 F1 season. Cars that can thrill you with their high speed. When racing, as a driver, you have to take care of everything and most importantly your tires. This game has different sections that can entertain you a lot. In F1 2016, everything will be customizable, from customizing the main character and the machines to the rules of the game, which will give you a unique experience of Formula One racing.

Key features of the game:
Different and fascinating stages
There are 11 teams of the season
Famous Formula 1 drivers
Different team cars
Diverse and attractive competitions
Ability to customize and adjust different sections
Fun and engaging gameplay
Unique and special graphics