Download FIFA Soccer game for Android

Download FIFA Soccer game for Android

The FIFA Game Series is one of the sports games that thousands of people around the world look forward to releasing a new version of every year. FIFA Soccer is the name of a new version of this series designed and made by the big company EA Sport. The studio used the Frostbite engine to build the new version of the game, an engine used to build games like Battlefront and Battlefield. EA built the FIFA game series with the Ignite engine, and now uses another engine to surprise its fans and also bring better graphics.

With the release of the new version of the game, you should be ready to experience many new features and sections that can surprise you. A significant point that can attract the attention of fans is the low volume of the game. The new version is only 65 MB in size and does not take up much space. You will find less games that have low volume and very high graphics. Electronic Arts has tried to prepare this game for a smooth and perfect performance with various optimizations so that every opener can enjoy it. The gameplay is one of the best that the experts of this company have spent a lot of time to create it so that you can enjoy and have fun.

Game graphics:
We start with the game’s graphics, which are much better than its previous versions to attract more people. The game’s graphics are designed in HD so that you can watch everything that is displayed in the best possible way. You may say to yourself that the volume of the game is very low, how should the game graphics be high and stunning? Well, it has to be said that EA has used the best game engine to display attractive graphics and has also spent a lot of time optimizing.

The game controllers are much more complete and comprehensive than their previous version, designed to accompany you in various competitions as well as exciting competitions ahead.

The sound of the game is great and you can hear the voice of the spectators in the best way in the game and also accompany the voice of the reporter and follow the game. The attractive music used will delight you and keep the excitement alive in you.

General + Summary:
In this game, you will be able to be among more than 30 prestigious leagues in European countries and find your favorite team among 650 diverse clubs. It is better to know that this game is online and you must always be connected to the Internet to use it. The faces and general shape of the players are best designed. If you have tried previous versions of this game, do not miss this version.

Key features of the game:

Existence of more than 30 valid European leagues
Find popular teams among 650 clubs
There is a training section for beginners
Very comprehensive and excellent settings
Ability to play in leagues, tournaments and various competitions
Very high graphics and HD

  • Size: 80 MB