Download Fish Farm 3 simulator game - Android
Fish Farm 3

Download Fish Farm 3 simulator game – Android

By downloading Fish Farm 3, you can hunt and fish in ocean waters and complete the missions entrusted to you. The game has various sections and you can see better graphics in the new version of this game series and also deal with more diverse fish. You must be able to accompany whales, dolphins, and sharks and complete your mission.

By downloading this game, you sell your fish and enjoy this game a lot. Your success in this game will depend on your efforts in fishing and proper sales. This game is installed and runs on Android operating system 4.1 and above, which users can now use to download Fish Farm 3 from a direct and free link to the powerful servers of the download site.


Fish Farm 3


Fish Farm 3 is the latest advance in fish simulations — buy, breed, cross-breed, sell, and enjoy plenty of freshwater and saltwater fish, including seahorses, whales, dolphins, sharks, starfish, and jellyfish.
Reach higher levels to access more fish, decoration, and aquarium inventory. Breeding and selling your fish wisely earns coins to further advance and refine your aquariums.
Don’t forget to feed your fish and to change the water, either by hand or by automation.
Do you want to try out different lights or enjoy the fluorescent inhabitants by switching off the light? Just do it!
Reworked decoration system:
– Rotate most deco freely
– Place most deco on top of others
– Up to 20 decos per aquarium
– More deco items
Bug fixing

File information
  • File size: 96 MB