Download game Tales from the Borderlands for PC

Download game Tales from the Borderlands for PC

The storytelling multiplayer market has been booming for several years, from Telltale Studios revolutionizing the field with the release of The Walking Dead in 2012, to the present day we have seen many multiplayer games. With the release of this game, Telltale Studio proved that to make a successful game does not require a lot of money and glamorous graphics, but the most important factor of success is the theme and the extent of its impact on the gamer.Telltale Games has made many successful games by adapting such entertaining works as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, but this time it surprised everyone by making a story-driven game from another studio. The company’s latest work is called Tales from the Borderlands , which incidentally received positive feedback from gamers and critics after its release.

If we want to be honest with the readers of the article, we must say that most of the titles of Tel Tel have a graphic style and level, this issue causes the content of the review to be drawn towards the storytelling of the game. But in this article, we will also examine the technical aspects of the game so that the reader can fully understand what effect it has on him.

One of the main features of the Borderlands game series was the lack of a compelling story, and Gearbox Studios always focused on the gameplay of the game series, which is why TelTel Studios, which happens to pay close attention to the game story with Gearbox, for many It came as a surprise. In this game, unlike the main series, there are not even many basic elements of gameplay, and the forward trend in the game is more focused on the story and dramatic and cinematic scenes. But if we want to look at it from another perspective, the studio’s one-year effort to make this game has been very successful.

The story of the original Borderlands series takes place on a planet called Pandora, where the roots of its natural resources have been dried up by large industrial companies and its people have all gone mad and are fighting for survival. The main focus of the game is Tel Tel, Tel Tel has been very successful in presenting the story of this game, the combination of humorous elements with a serious story has added to its great charm.
If you have not yet experienced any version of the original game series, there is no regrets. Telltale has done its best to make the game’s storyline appealing to beginners as well, but the game’s story will surely be sweeter for those who have experienced the previous versions.

The story of this game is centered on salvation, it tells the story of two people who have fallen victim to the cruel environment of their lives, initially do everything to achieve their goals, but eventually grow intellectually and give up their selfishness. Fortunately, this is the case. The evolution of Reese and Fiona, the two main characters of the game, has made you never get tired of doing it and do your best to get these two people to intellectual development. Aside from the main characters, the sub-characters have also given the game a good depth thanks to the very obsession of Tel Tel. The dialogues that are the basis of the game’s storytelling are all well-chosen and you are never indifferent to any of them, in fact, these are the dialogues that make up the game process.

But unlike great storytelling, the technical graphics didn’t live up to our expectations, and the poor quality textures and antique animations are sure to upset you throughout the game. Of course, in the artistic graphics section, Tel Tel has followed the same trend as the main Borderlands series, the game environments often have their own colors and designs, and you never get tired of watching them.

The sound and music of the game has been done with the obsession of many creators, many of the game’s soundtracks are from the main game series, and listening to them again for sure will surely be a pleasant experience for the fans of this series. Tel Tel has done its best to enliven the characters, with great voice actors such as Troy Baker and Lara Bailey on the game’s soundtrack team, and all of them have done their job well.

With this title, Tel Tel once again showed its expertise in making exclusive games, and this title, if not the best of Tel Tel, is certainly one of its best.

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