Download Injustice 2 game for PS4 + updates

In 2013, NetherRealm Studios, after years of experience in fighting games, introduced a new IP based on DC Comics. The studio had previously proven its ability with the famous Mortal Kombat series, but the final product was not a complete game and had problems such as unbalanced characters, graphic problems, and more. Had; But with the successful sales and acceptable scores that the game had, it paved the way for the second version.

The story of the game takes place a few years after the first version. After the destruction of Superman’s rule by Batman, Batman and his allies try to restore peace to the world, which creates new problems such as Gorilla Grad and Brianiac attack on Earth. Fortunately, the story is well told and retains its charms until the end of the game, which is really a very positive thing for a fighting game.

One of the positive points of the gameplay is that it is simple for new gamers, so if you have not experienced a lot of fighting games before, you will easily cope with it. The most important feature added to this version of the game is its character building, which allows you to make changes in appearance such as the characters’ costumes and changes in the strength of the characters; But one of the most interesting parts of the gameplay is the special movements of the characters, which are great and very exciting.

Definitely the game’s graphics are one of the best of the day, which was done with the optimized version of Unreal Engine 3. The designs of the characters have worked great and with their personalization, the new clothes have a very good design, the game design is also very good and no particular problem can be seen in it. High destructibility, high detail and interesting effects are the positive points of this section.

Fortunately, many famous and professional people have been used in the sound section, and except for a few small cases, it can not be criticized. The music of the game was designed by Mr. Cristopher Drake, who was also in charge of the first version. One of his works is the acclaimed music of HellBoy animation. Fortunately, this part also worked well in the game, but it can not be called perfect.

Injustice 2 is definitely one of the best fighting games released to date, which also has a compelling story. The game was easy for any type of game and they will cope with it easily. Although the game has minor problems, it is recommended to all people to experience it.

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