Download King of Avalon: Dragon War game for Android

Download King of Avalon: Dragon War game for Android

After King Arthur was killed by his treacherous nephew, his body, along with his powerful sword, was buried in a worthy tomb already prepared on a sacred island called Alwan. After Arthur’s death, the powerful sword of the kingdom is inherited in his place during the coronation to unite the other lands of the country to fight the enemy. So the new kingdom needs to get a sword to prove its worth to the Alvan people. Now you have to try to get a sword in the new and exciting game King of Avalon: Dragon War, which has been created with a strategic sense and mood by Century Game Company.

+ Charming rule despite dragons and giants!

Now you have been chosen as the King of Colors and you must bear the legacy of King Arthur. Creating a large city with amenities for the people, training and upgrading your military forces and raising and training dragons and giant giants and the power you have at your disposal will be among your important tasks to help them prepare for the defense and invasion of the enemy. Have the necessary. The throne is empty after the death of King Arthur, so obviously everyone will do anything to get it!

The online and multiplayer feature of pvp between players, has caused an effort to increase the power and skill of each player to have enough power and skill to fight with their other rivals and to be victorious in battle with opponents of value. Try to upgrade dragons and giants as well as other legendary creatures as these creatures will help you a lot on the battlefield. The important question is, who deserves to sit on the throne after King Arthur the Great?

  • Key features of the game:
  1. Existence of dragons and giants and other legendary creatures for battle
  2. Online and multiplayer pvp mode to challenge other competitors’ strategic skills
  3. Ability to upgrade and improve your army to win more battles
  4. New updates to add new features
  5. Enjoyable and engaging gameplay
  6. Stunning and eye-catching graphical environment

King of Avalon: Dragon War is currently rated 4.4 out of 5.0 in the Play Store . What are you waiting for? Now you can download the game introduced in this article for free

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