Download LastCraft Survival v1.10.4 - Android
LastCraft Survival

Download LastCraft Survival v1.10.4 – Android

LastCraft Survival game has been released for free by Pixel Gun 3D game development studio in Google Play Store. This game is in action style. In LastCraft Survival, you have to try to save yourself and destroy all the enemies that are in your way. Build a weapon for yourself and fight the zombies and other monsters that have conquered the earth.

Learn how to make deadly weapons and enter the arena in all your armored battles to increase your chances of survival. In this game, try to be a good shooter to increase your chances of survival. This game has 50 different monsters with unique skills and you can also fight with other players in multiplayer mode to gain resources and have 150 craft recipes to use to make all kinds of weapons and ammunition. You need Android 4.1 or higher to run this game.

LastCraft Survival v1.10.4 Apk + Mod


LastCraft Survival


Last Craft is a free post-apocalyptic mobile MMO game. Make yourself a weapon and destroy hordes of zombies and raiders with a single strike in stealth or openly start shooting them and kill everything you see. Do whatever you want to have fun! A depressing atmosphere of despair is going to follow you all around, making it even harder to stay alive. Every day might become your last day. Learn shooting, become the best and reach the top of the pixel FPS.

File information
  • File size: 94.57 MB (regular version) + 95.06 MB (modded version)