Download League of War: Mercenaries game for Android

Download League of War: Mercenaries game for Android

League of War: Mercenaries is an exciting strategy game with stunning battle scenes in which users can choose options that will have real impact and results. Keep yourself alive in this 3D-developed action game to build a strong base, upgrade your army, and pave the way for victory.

The battlefield is made up of different elements mixed with a unique combat and combat-based combat system. Build a powerful team of the best combat tools and trained troops to fight big companies and strong countries fully prepared you have. Hundreds of missions are available to complete and earn rewards, and just click or tap on them to run and challenge your skills with their engaging features.

If the missions end soon or are not so exciting, you can start exciting competitions with your fellow mercenaries and show who can claim victory over the world in the record.

  • Key features of the game:
  1. Build an army of trained troops
  2. Diverse and fascinating missions await you
  3. Ability to play multiplayer online
  4. Use war vehicles such as tanks
  5. Build your base in the best place
  6. Different choices with different endings
  7. Warlike and exciting gameplay
  8. Stunning graphics with perfect detail

Play League of War: Mercenaries are now in the Play Store has a rating of 5.0 is 4.4. What are you waiting for? Now you can download the introduced game for free