Download Limbo game for Android

Your world is dark. A world without light invites you to find a way to reach your love. Hope is calling you forward. As you walk, a light flickers near you, but you are confronted with a bitter scene. In this dark world, a stubborn and powerful enemy has blocked your way to achieve what you want. A giant spider that will appear in the same color as darkness in different places in front of you and you have to think of a way to cross it. The above was part of the gameplay and the fascinating story of Limbo, a game designed and developed by the designers of the Playdead game studio. The style of adventure game is defined, which will be the same for the event.

You will meet a boy named Limbo in a dark world. The main constraint for him is a giant spider that gets in your way in different parts of the game and you have to push him aside by thinking and measuring different ways and continue. It is safe to say that the game will engage your mind and take your mind off the ground. Each stage contains many challenges that you can not continue playing until you think about them for a few minutes. Maybe the game designers also wanted to engage your mind, who have arranged this very special and attractive game.

+ Game graphics:
The dark theme that is intended for all stages of this game is very attractive and specially designed and can attract the eyes. Bright layers can also be seen in some scenes and locations that are intended for a specific task and also give an attractive effect to the game. In general, it should be said that this section can display different scenes and locations in the best possible way and there is no room for objection.

+ Controllers:
This game has the simplest menu and controller in its heart. There is no menu and by running the game you will enter the first stage directly or continue the steps. Just move the left side of the screen to move the Limbo. To do other things such as jumping or solving objects or dragging them, you have to touch the right side of the screen.

+ Voice:
When you get to very sensitive and difficult places, the music will be played in the best possible way so that it will double the excitement and fear in you. Everything is in a special sound stage that can in turn enhance the appeal.

+ Generalities + Summary:
Limbo will endure all the hardships to reach his love and you will accompany him in this difficult and fun path. You may stop playing early in the game because I am dark, but this will deprive you of the best mind game. All kinds of puzzles are included in the steps and with a little care you can easily solve them and move on. It is better not to go to help sites and solve the puzzles of each stage yourself that can involve you for hours and even days. Sometimes performance will be very important and you will need a lot of speed to do the puzzle. For example, in one of the steps of riding in a car under the ground, you have to pass the iron saw that is circulating in the dark and get on the car again, and at the end of the route, you have to act in such a way that the car does not hit the switch so that you Cross the path that is ironic and passing this stage will require careful thinking and calculations. These are the things that have made this game the best choice among its peers all over the world and it has been able to receive a good score from the markets.

Key features of the game:
Unique and fascinating steps
Various locations to play
Different and difficult challenges
Dark and attractive theme
Unique and professional sound
Fun gameplay and fascinating story
Graphics with interesting and unique design