Download Mafia City game for Android

Download Mafia City game for Android

Have you ever wondered whether the mafia gangs, the offenses and the crimes they commit are voluntary or not? Of course not, these calculated crimes are dominated by profiteers and dangerous people who do not care about anyone other than themselves and are always thinking about themselves and the benefits they have gained through wrongdoing. Mafia City is a new title from the game company YottaGames, which shows the world of mafia crimes more clearly. It is worth mentioning that this title has been developed for action style enthusiasts.

+ A city full of crime!

In the gameplay of this game, you are a member of the largest mafia group and you are supposed to get acquainted with criminals, each of whom specializes in a part. For example, one is involved in theft, the other in cultivation and killing, and the other in destruction and explosion. Mafia City is a tricky city where counterfeit money and stolen goods are distributed among people and sometimes drugs are distributed underground among addicts.

After forming your own team, rob the banks and empty the entire treasury of banknotes so that you can make more people members of your criminal gang so that in the end everything you do will be done efficiently. Build luxurious and beautiful cars and amazing mansions with the aim of impressing your friends and enemies.

  • Key features of the game:
  1. Weekly events for more benefits
  2. Exchanging all kinds of smuggled goods and weapons and even drugs
  3. Using 4 different groups in committing crimes
  4. Extensive maps with various mafia enemies
  5. Enjoyable and fun gameplay
  6. Stunning graphical environment and good sound

Mafia City is currently rated 3.6 out of 5.0 in the Play Store . What are you waiting for? Now you can download the game introduced in this article for free

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