Download Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain game for PS4

Download Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain game for PS4

It was in 1987 that the first version of the popular Metal Gear Solid game series was released, at that time no one even thought that one day this title would become one of the most famous video games. The engaging and rich storyline of the series has led to the release of various versions of the series to this day, and if we do not say that each version of the game is better than the other, we have done a great disservice to the great director of the video game world, Hideo Kojima.But now, about thirty years after the release of the first version of the Metal Gear series, it seems that Kojima intends to end it. The fifth version of Metal Gear is the latest version of this series of games and we will not see any other version of this series of games. But there is not much to worry about, as Kojima left the series at its peak, Phantom Payne is the new masterpiece of Kojima Productions Studios, which met all our expectations of a great game.

As we said before, the world of Metal Gear is very wide and before that, in order to make any version of it, it was necessary to know the details of the story and also to know the characters of the game. But in this version, we saw a different process than before, in this game, almost anyone can understand the story of the game and move the process forward.

The story of the game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain kind of narrative content of the Snake gives life, how to convert a sympathetic hero in a ruthless killer. This may seem like a cliché to you at first glance, but from Kojima’s point of view, the core of the game’s storytelling is its narrative, and this can sometimes be more important than the game’s story itself. This can be even more exciting when you realize that our favorite character is Big Bass! The game tells the story of how Big Boss evolved from a compassionate hero to a ruthless and criminal killer.

The game’s graphics are certainly one of the best of recent times, the design of the various elements of the game have worked so well that I personally sometimes stopped the game process and faded the stunning designs of the game. Just look at the interaction between the wind and the plants or the details of the characters’ face designs to understand what I mean. The extent of the environment in the game has been worked as much as possible, and along with an open world gameplay, it can meet all your expectations from a great game. Another feature of the game is finding the wounds that remain on the big bass body during your battles during the game.

With the wealth that Big Bass has in the game, you can use any kind of cold and hot weapon. However, stealth elements such as stealth, anesthesia and… are still the main focus of the gameplay. The game in this version was faced with a 180 degree change in gameplay, the world is opening !. In the game, you are free to go anywhere and complete the missions as you wish. You can also capture people, and turn them into loyal soldiers by destroying them psychologically! Another important task you have is to properly manage the jays. You have to divide your mines, people, money and directly between’s such as cyber, intel and ی, also it is important to provide defensive weapons for each life because when the enemy attacks only’s for’s They will take refuge for you!

One of the strengths of the game is its music and soundtrack, all the music has been obsessively selected by Kojima Productions , and the vocalists have done their job as well as possible. Certainly the latest version of Metal Gear Solid is one of the best, Kojima did his best to finish the series at the peak, which it happened to be.