Download Mortal Kombat X game for PS4

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Unfortunately, since the beginning of the eighth generation of video games, we have not seen the presentation of major combat titles, and the greats of this industry have not shown themselves as they should. But one of the handful of titles released over the years was Mortal Kombat X , which received rave  reviews from critics and prestigious video game festivals in addition to its commercially successful success for NetherRealm Studios . .

Mortal Kombat X, as the name implies, is somewhat unknown and you will not get the true meaning of X until you experience it. NetherRealm has taken a big and ambitious risk in this version. The last three years we have seen them combined.

NetherRealm, by taking advantage of an exciting and Hollywood storyline in the previous version of the game, the reboot, somehow transformed the series and raised expectations from it. But in this version, contrary to what was expected, the storyline of the game has not been worked on as it should be, and someone who has not played the previous versions will get lost in the low detail and boredom of the game story. In this game, as in the previous version, Nederlam does not only deal with negative and positive characters, but also draws the storyline of the game into topics other than fighting, but as it seems, he did not succeed in implementing this idea at all. But apart from the storyline, we saw a relatively acceptable characterization in the game. The studio has appeared in the foliage of new fights alongside good old characters and can use them to expand the characterization of later versions.

Mortal Kombat X gameplay is as engaging and engaging as many of its predecessors. The gameplay of this version will be very enjoyable for those who have just turned to it. In this version, Nederlam has the air of amateurs and helps them with new sections that have been added to the game, such as the section of professional movement guides and زیب fighting them as beautifully as possible. Many new moves have been added to the game, such as combination kicks and finally the explosion of the enemy. In general, Nederlam was able to prepare this game well in terms of gameplay and cover up any weakness that arose from the game’s story with this part.

Although Nederlam has also entered the eighth generation, but still uses the Unreal 3 graphics engine in the preparation of this game. The game’s graphics, thanks to the third version of Unreal Engine, have been worked in the best possible way and with high detail. All the effects of the game, such as blood, dust and و are eye-catching and have a great effect on inducing a sense of a bloody fight. Mortal Kombat X runs at a resolution of 1080 and a frame rate of 60. The game’s artistic graphics are beautifully done and still convey the gray feeling of the Mortal Kombat series to the gamer.

The music and sound of the game are also at a good level. All the music that is played in the background of this title is sometimes played with a fast and exciting rhythm and sometimes with a slow rhythm, depending on the stage. The voice acting of the game’s characters has been excellent, especially in their boastful readings. This game may not be a great fighting title, but it certainly deserves experience, and in today’s world of video games, where we rarely see flagship fighting titles, it seems satisfying.