Download Path of Giants 2.2.0 - Android
Path of Giants

Download Path of Giants 2.2.0 – Android

Path of Giants is a calm and enigmatic adventure game in which you have to guide three characters named Bern, Matchi, and Touch to cross an icy cave and snow-capped cliffs. Find the lost treasure. During the gameplay experience, you can switch between them and solve puzzles along the way.

They work together as a team and without each other’s help, it will not be possible to continue moving. Each level of the game has beautiful and amazing scenes designed and made by the creators. During the adventure, a fascinating piece of music is played by Clark Abboud, which conveys a strange calm to the players in this quiet area. The game also supports a keyboard, controller, and touch mode.




Path of Giants game has beautiful, bright, and cool visual images, at the heart of which are complex and traditional puzzles. These puzzles look fun, challenging, and different and can have any level of difficulty. From the beginning to the end of the game, the game experience becomes more difficult and the player’s motivation is maintained. The lovely animations of the game’s three characters are spectacular when solving puzzles.

We will also see family and friendly scenes that will be an enjoyable experience for any taste who wants to experience the game. With the Colorblind feature, you can use alternative colors for better visibility. The gameplay style is also pointing and clicking and you only have to click on a specific point to start moving the characters. Switching between them is also done by clicking on the characters. Those who are interested in making the game 100% can also go to Achievements.

Path of Giants

Join the trio on a festive adventure through 4 new holiday levels. Bigger challenges await with no hints this time!

Path of Giants is a serene puzzle adventure game that puts you in control of three explorers on their quest for a hidden treasure. Journey through icy caverns and snow-covered cliffs up a frozen mountain full of trials, where each level will require you to use teamwork between the explorers to help them solve the puzzles!

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