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If you have worked with the Android operating system for some time, you have probably noticed that a large amount of different applications have been produced for this platform. Just take a look at the Google Play Store to find apps and games for every purpose and taste. But the problem is that using this huge treasure will not always be hassle-free, and users will often encounter problems when downloading or updating their apps in the Google Play Store. One of these problems is the Download Pending error, which usually occurs when updating or downloading an application using mobile data.

Google Play Store is a huge and rich source of software for Android devices through which users can download the applications and games they want. App updates are also done through the Google Play Store. But this service platform provided by Google is not free of bugs and errors.

Recently, many Android users have reported that the Google Play Store does not work properly with mobile data. This problem occurs when you are updating or downloading your apps and the Google Play Store displays a Download Pending message instead. The point is that the download is done correctly when using WiFi, but when you transfer to mobile data you will see the Download Pending error message.

How to fix Download Pending error in Google Play Store

If you also have problems with the Google Play Store while using mobile internet (mobile data), there are solutions that you can use to resolve these issues and error messages. Here are four ways to solve this problem.

1. Cancel the process pending download (Download Pending)

This is usually the best way to fix Google Play Store error when using mobile data. Download Pending error message usually occurs when you have only authorized the automatic updating of applications on the Wi-Fi network. To cancel these downloads, open the Google Play Store and drag the left sidebar to the right. Then click on the My apps and games section and then select the cancel all the downloads option.

2. Change the priority of downloading the application

If you can not download an app or game from the Google Play Store, you must change the app download preference. You may have set this download priority to the option only over the Wi-Fi network. Open the Google Play Store and drag the left sidebar to the right. Then click on Settings and then change App download Preference to Over any network.

3. Reset application preferences

Sometimes the Download Pending error message appears when using mobile data due to invalid application preferences. Many Android users have reported that they have fixed the Google Play Store error by resetting App preferences. You can also follow the steps below to reset App preferences:

Step 1. Go to Settings and tap Apps.

Step 2. In the Apps section, tap the three dot icon at the top right of the screen.

Step 3. Then tap on Reset app preferences.

This will most likely fix the problem of your Android device not working in the Google Play Store.

4. Disable background data restrictions

If you still have trouble downloading apps in the Google Play Store, you can try the Background Data Restrictions option.

Step 1. First go to Settings and tap Network & Internet.

Step 2. On the next screen, tap Data Usage.

Step 3. On the Data Usag page, check if the data constraint has been applied.

Step 4. Tap the Google Play Store app list and then enable Mobile Data.

Note that these settings may vary from device to device, but the result is the same.

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