Download Physics Drop v3.0.2 - for Android
Physics Drop

Download Physics Drop v3.0.2 – for Android

Physics Drop game has been released for free by IDC Games game studio in Google Play Store. This game is in intellectual and puzzle style. In Physics Drop, there is a white and lined screen on the screen of your phone and you have to use diagonal and curved lines so that the ball goes inside the U, and this is not very easy.

In order for the ball to fall into the U, you have to overcome obstacles and challenges by drawing a line, and also the ball and the lines both react to the law of gravity and you have to be careful not to move the ball into a group of lines to Do not go to the other side and do not get into trouble. You need Android 4.1 or higher to run this game.

Physics Drop v3.0.2 Apk + Mod


Physics Drop



Put your brain to work in this addictive puzzle game that millions of players adore already! Physics Drop is the perfect time killer because each puzzle can be solved in many creative ways. To solve a puzzle, you have to drop the red ball into the U by drawing lines, shapes, and objects. Do you think it’s easy? Try and see how challenging it can be!


File information
  • File size: 23.93 MB (regular version) + 24.2 MB (mod version)