Download Planet Overlord 1.17 - for Android
Planet Overlord

Download Planet Overlord 1.17 – for Android

Planet Overlord puts you in the role of a master who can destroy many civilizations and have many weapons with them. Earthlings are looking for an answer to deal with them, and we see fascinating gameplay that can keep you entertained for hours. You can attack without interruption and speed in the game is very important. Use more weapons and try to surround the sky under your bullets. The game has good graphics and reminds players of the classics of previous decades. You can install and run this game on Android 4.4 and higher.

Planet Overlord 1.17 Apk + Mod


Planet Overlord

The overlord that destroys civilization only click on the screen and then gush out countless weapon. The earth people that seek the overlord’s trace begin to seek an answer in the game. But when they are attacking the earth in the game, they see countless weapons from the sky.

-Added language support for Japanese and Korean

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  • File size: 64 MB