Download Plunder Kings 1.2.2 - for Android
Plunder Kings

Download Plunder Kings 1.2.2 – for Android

The exciting game Plunder Kings is a classic arcade game produced by Goodnight Games LLC. This game takes you into space worlds, each of which has something new for you with its own design, in these worlds you have the task to move your spaceship and destroy any creature you see. Speed ​​is very important in this game, spaceships are very diverse and you can even upgrade them. The better you can loot your enemies and earn money, the easier it will be to upgrade your weapons. This game is installed and runs on Android 4.1 and above.

Plunder Kings 1.2.2 apk


Plunder Kings

The rogue-like shoot’em up you were looking for! Play as one of three different space pirates with unique ships and abilities. Pair them with special drones for completely unique battle combinations.
Take your newfound powers to Avalon and steal EVERYTHING that isn’t bolted down. When that isn’t enough gamble your winnings on future plays to earn ALL of the space billions!



What’s New
Various bug fixes
-Added change where if the stage has been fully cleared will display “stage cleared” in the results screen
-Added a new display for high scores for each stage in the stage select menu
-Added a new display for stage rank for each stage in the stage select menu

File information
  • File size: 23 MB