Download pongis 6 - game for Android

Download pongis 6 – game for Android

PONGIS game is an exciting work in the style of sports that Pongis Games company has presented with simple gameplay. Pon gis is a very fun game that can keep you entertained for hours. You can play with any team you choose. You earn points for every match you play and you can play with top teams. Tapping the pongi screen will follow you, and if you tap your pongi twice, it will move faster. This game runs on OS 4.1 and above.

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Pon gis is an ultra-simple and fun ball game that will get you hooked forever. It’s the coolest game on the planet. By far.
Your Pongi will follow you wherever you tap on the screen. Double tapping will make your Pongi run faster. You can also swipe to move – your Pongi will go wherever you place your finger on the screen.


What’s New
Enjoy this brand-new version of PONGIS. Better than ever!

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  • File size: 3 MB