Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 for PS4

Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 for PS4

At the beginning of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 experience , the first thing that comes to mind is that the title is moving towards a real football simulation, and you will feel this because individual reactions and artificial intelligence are worked out separately from each player, and each is a separate but logical decision. They also take the direction of the team’s victory. Also, at the beginning of each match, you will clearly see that a new trick has been used in the game to make you more thirsty for this game than before.

The interesting thing about this title is the problem that it has been struggling with for several years, and in this version this issue has been solved a bit, and it is the mechanics and reactions of the spectators and players that make you feel better and do not behave like a robot. You will fully understand this from the type of walking to dribbling and shooting of each player. Also, in order to dribble other players, it is enough to use the left skepticism to leave them all behind.

Of course, this game is not without its flaws, and you can easily attack from the corners and score goals, especially if you have a star in your team. This is a strange and great weakness that will disappoint and discourage you.

Also, other things that discourage you are the repetition of your performance scenes (REPLAYS), such as when you make a mistake or score a goal. Another point is the slow motion of the camera.

In terms of graphics, it should be said that this title is still behind FIFA; it can be said that the power of these two titles is equal in the graphics section, but FIFA is very careful about lighting, colors and shadows, especially in designing faces and will surprise you. کرد. Also, the performance and reaction of the audience has improved a bit, but you will not feel their presence much.

In this version of the game, you will not see a special focus on the sound section and you will not see any delays in reporting or repeating several sentences in a row; also, the spectators will react better to all your movements and will encourage you well.

Finally, if the improvement of PES 2017 was more in the attachments that had weaknesses, it could definitely be equal to a title like FIFA, but you still see these weaknesses and only a slight improvement has been achieved. Now, if you are a fan of this series, buy it as soon as possible. And enjoy the experience of this title.