Download Rally Racer EVO 2.0 - for Android
Rally Racer EVO

Download Rally Racer EVO 2.0 – for Android

Rally Racer EVO mobile game is a pure and attractive effect for driving enthusiasts and you can experience an interesting leveling in the game. Experience legendary games and epic graphics. The game is uniquely presented and you can have attractive levels of competition. There are more than 85 driving competitions in the game and you can have offensive competitions in the game. There are more than 17 vehicles in the game and you can customize them as well.

By downloading Rally Racer EVO, you can have pure technology and use very comprehensive graphics options. The sound of the game is excellent and offers an interesting and fiery feeling of car racing competitions with a very heavy atmosphere. The game runs on Android 4.0.3 and above.

Rally Racer EVO 2.0 Apk + Mod


Rally Racer EVO


Rally Racer EVO® takes the extremism and competition of rally racing to the next level with legendary and unique game modes. Get your driver’s license and join the ultimate rally apocalypse.

You will complete 32 license courses in total in order to become a real driver. Moreover, you can join over 85 competitive races in Events mode for being the greatest rally racer of all time. Featuring Arena mode for drifting continues to build on the foundations set by the Rally Racer Drift game.

You can join the races with the vehicle of your choice from 17 realistically made super vehicles. including Audi Quattro S1, Subaru Imprezza STI, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI, MG 6R4, Lancia Stratos. There will be upgrade and customization options waiting for you to express your style in many exciting races.

Rally Racer EVO® catches the next-gen graphic and sound technologies. Thanks to the graphic and sound options left for the player, you will experience the game without compromising performance.

Key Features
* 17 rally vehicles with customized and upgrade options.
* 12 racing tracks with different atmospheric conditions.
* 4 game modes; License, Events, Arena, and Training.
* 85 competitive races in 6 racing events for Group B, 2WD, Crossover-SUV, and Classic 4WD rally vehicles. (More to coming)
* 32 courses for unique License mode.
* Realistic physics with consistent vehicle behaviors and easy-to-learn game-play.
* Highly optimized Next-Gen graphics and sounds. (Only 62MB)

-Economy balanced (more starting money, low car upgrade costs, etc.)
-Overall performance and rendering improvements.
-Small bug fixes.

File information
  • File size: 66 MB