Download Red Faction 2 game for PC
Red Faction

Download Red Faction 2 game for PC

In March 2080, five years after the events of the Red Faction, Alex Kapak discovered a new nanotechnology to create a superhuman army. However, the investigation carried out by Kapak was stolen by the militant group and sold to terrorist groups. Over the years, these investigations have led to many changes in crime. You have a special mission in the role of an explosives expert, and that is to obtain nanotechnology research information from the present dictatorship.

Red Faction II, like its first installment in the first-person shooter style, was created by Volition Studios. THQ released it for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows. Game scores were average; And many complained about the lack of online mode. However, the majority agree that the game’s graphics and local multiplayer are a significant improvement over previous series.


The first person shooting mode works well, but the design of the stages and the intelligence of the enemies still work. Critics have generally said that Red Faction II is good for fun, but not so creative. In this game, there is a multiplayer option in local mode. In the 40 available stages, you will have different missions, and finally you have to get the flag of that stage to go to the next stage. It is also possible to build a fully personalized robot.


Robots will operate according to the game process and, like any other human character, have certain characteristics such as life points, damage, agility and accuracy. Robots can score good points in multiplayer games, and if their scores reach a certain level, their abilities and skills can be upgraded.

The game’s graphics and gameplay were acceptable in their time, 2009, and if you are looking for a shooting game that will keep you busy for a while, we recommend Red Faction II and this game series in general. Other parts of the game are also available on the Parsi Game website; And if you were a fan of this game at the time, download it again from our site as a good nostalgia.

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Minimum System Requirements :

Operating System: Windows® 2000 / XP
DirectX Version: DirectX 8.1
Processor: Pentium III 500 MHz or greater
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Video Card: 3D Graphics Accelerator Card (16 MB)
Sound: DirectX 8.1 Certified Sound Card

About This Game:

On Mars in the year 2080, five years after the events of  Red Faction, the nanotechnology developed by Axel Capek, the head scientist of the Ultor Corporation prior to its fall, has been claimed by the Earth Defense Force (EDF). With this technology, the EDF commences a reorganization of the Ultor Corporation with a particular focus on enhanced supersoldiers and suitable weaponry.

However, the research that was done by Capek in his laboratories has been consequently stolen by other militant groups and assorted terrorist organizations. This has gone on for years; the research has changed hands in the criminal underworld many times. The player is introduced to their role as an explosives expert (codenamed “Alias”) as he embarks on a special operations mission to claim the research data for the Republic of the Commonwealth.

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