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RedGate SQL ToolBelt is the name of a software company founded in 1999. It is one of the leading companies providing various and complete tools for database developers and developers of .NET, Oracle, and.. There are several tools in this SQL suite for monitoring and managing, backing up, comparing databases, and so on. The SmartAssembly tool is also used to protect the .NET code in the .NET suite. Provided, as well as .NET Reflector software. A powerful .NET code explorer and debugger, previously offered as free software by Lutz Roeder, was acquired and expanded from version 7 by Red-Gate.

RedGate kits provided with a list of enabled tools:

: Red Gate .NET Toolbelt

RedGate ANTS Performance Profiler

RedGate ANTS Memory Profiler

RedGate SmartAssembly

RedGate .NET Reflector Visual Studio Extension

RedGate .NET Reflector Desktop

RedGate ANTS Profiler Visual Studio Add-in

Red Gate .NET Developer Bundle

RedGate ANTS Performance Profiler

RedGate ANTS Memory Profiler

RedGate .NET Reflector Desktop

RedGate .NET Reflector Visual Studio Extension

RedGate ANTS Profiler Visual Studio Add-in

RedGate SmartAssembly


 : Red Gate Deployment Suite for Oracle

RedGate Data Compare for Oracle

RedGate Schema Compare for Oracle

RedGate Schema Doc for Oracle

: Red Gate MySQL Comparison Bundle

RedGate MySQL Compare

RedGate MySQL Data Compare

: Red Gate SQL Toolbelt

SQL Compare
SQL Data Compare
SQL Backup
SQL Source Control
SQL Monitor Installer
SQL Prompt 7
SQL Dependency Tracker
SQL Data Generator
SQL Multi Script
SQL Comparison SDK
SQL Test
SQL Search
SSMS Integration Pack
DLM Dashboard
DLM Automation
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The set of changes made to the various Red Gate tools can be viewed here and in the Release Notes section of each tool.

Red Gate Toolkit Tips :

– These collections are provided with full crack.

The crack provided is a generic keygen for Red-Gate products listed above; According to the creators of Keygen, it is possible to activate other tools in the set with this keygen.

– The version of some tools is more up-to-date than the version supported by Keygen or it is not in the Keygen support list, but its license is no different and it is possible to activate them with Keygen.

– Using the provided Keygen, all editions of various tools can be activated:

Standard – Lite – Professional – VS – VSPro – Developer – Community

– Due to the fact that not all tools are presented separately by the manufacturer and some of them are offered only in the form of sets, and also due to the lack of large volume differences between versions, the most complete sets of each group are located.

The Toolbelt suite of the SQL and .NET groups is more complete than the Bundle suite of these groups, and their tools are included.

– Due to the difference between the Build version of each set, the common part of the version is given in the title; Details of each version are given above.

System required Redgate

To use SQL Compare you need:

  • One of the following Microsoft Windows operating systems:
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows 8
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 200 MB hard disk space

The following versions of Microsoft SQL Server are supported:

  • SQL Server 2005
  • SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • SQL Server 2012
  • Windows Azure SQL Database
  • SQL Server on Amazon RDS

Installation guide

Install the suite and disconnect from the Internet until the activation is complete. Run the required tool and click Activate in the activation window or select this option from the Help menu. Run Keygen and select the desired tool in the Program Selection section and select one of the two methods in the Licensing method section. In the Edition Selection section, select the desired version, which is usually the best and most complete at the bottom of the slider, and click Generate.

Copy the generated serial in the relevant section on the tool activation page and click on Activate, and after not connecting to the Internet, click on Activate Manually and then on Save to File and save the activation.txt file. In the Keygen window, click Load from File and enter the file saved in the previous step. Then click Save To File and this time from the activation window click on Load from File and enter the Keygen output file and Finish. Apparently, other tools that are not in the list supported by Keygen can be activated in the same way.

Download link (new versions at the top of the list)

.NET Reflector

Download Red Gate .NET Reflector
Download Red Gate .Net Reflector 9.3

SQL Toolbelt

Download RedGate_SQL_ToolBelt_v3.1.0.2733
Download RedGate_SQL_Toolbelt_2.3.1.2610
Download RedGate_SQL_Toolbelt_2.3.0.2563
Download RedGate_SQL_Toolbelt_2.3.0.2554

SQL Prompt

Download Redgate_SQL Prompt_8.2
Download SQLPrompt 7.5
Download Red Gate .NET Developer Bundle
Download Red Gate Deployment Suite for Oracle
Download Red Gate MySQL Comparison Bundle
Download the general crack of Red-Gate products
Download RedGate_SQL Toolbelt Keygens

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