Download Robot Fighting 2 game for Android

Download Robot Fighting 2 game for Android

The battle between robots and humans, or robots with each other, has always been one of the most interesting and entertaining and, of course, violent topics in various titles of computer or mobile games, which has not diminished in attracting the audience. Sometimes the fun and excitement of such games can be maintained while reducing violence and, of course, increasing its fun aspect. In Robot Fighting 2, the work of the Real Fighting game development studio, which has been produced in the action style, we see a lot of excitement and entertainment, and at the same time, there is almost no violence.

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In this game, as a guide of small fighting robots, you have to do your best to survive on the battlefield with other robots to come out of the field proud. Equipped with weapons, each of these robots has a unique power that depends on your choice of which one to use and with what strategy. In your own garage, in addition to being able to build your own robot with your own weapons, you will be able to upgrade your robot to become even more powerful and join the League of Warrior Robots. Receive various rewards and privileges, such as newer and more modern shields and weapons, such as launchers, razors, and, by completing the various stages and missions assigned to you.

Key game features:

  1. Beautiful and smooth gameplay
  2. Stunning 3D graphics
  3. There are more than 15 different types of warrior robots with unique features in combat
  4. Existence of various battlefields with different and harmful traps
  5. Ability to play online with other players around the world

Robot Fighting 2 currently has a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 in the Play Store . What are you waiting for? Now you can download the game introduced in this article for free