Download Santorini Board Game 1.110 - Android
Santorini Board

Download Santorini Board Game 1.110 – Android

Santorini Board is a strategy and board game that is exactly the same as its physical version. With different numbers of players, you can experience the game and expand your forces in the environment. You must first train the forces and get acquainted with the information of the game gods. In matches, you need a helper and you have to coordinate your attacks. There are various cards with great capabilities in this game and each of them forms your forces. This game is installed and runs on Android operating system 4.1 and above.

Santorini Board Game 1.110 Apk + Mod



Santorini is a highly accessible pure strategy game where you build your way to victory!

• Game altering variable player powers completely change how you play, bringing massive replayability.
• Beautifully rendered 3D play area
• Adventure through the land of Santorini in the single-player Odyssey mode
• Play with a friend in pass-and-play or online game modes
• Already own the board game? Use the “Helper” to select gods to play in the physical board game, and log your matches
• Dare to challenge the insanely skilled “Godlike” AI level
• Watch tutorials on all the god powers!
• Fully orchestrated soundtrack

– Fixed Adonis now not able to select Clio’s worker on Token
– Fixed Scylla valid moves with Adonis / Aphrodite

File information
  • File size: 77 MB
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  • Release Date: JAN-05-2020