Download Silent Hills PT game for PC

Download Silent Hills PT game for PC

Silent Hill is one of the most popular horror game series that has attracted many fans. Hideo Kojima , the famous director of the Metal Gear Solid series , started making a version of this series and put a short teaser of his production called PT, which stands for Playable Teaser, for free on PS4. The teaser was later removed from the PS4 and the game was made due to Kojima’s problems with Konami, canceled. Many fans of this teaser made a remake of the graphics with strong graphics, which was banned by Konami due to lack of copyright. However, the entire Silent Hills teaser was created by the Unreal Engine graphics engine for the PC platform, and its name was changed to Unreal PT. The game will be released with VR support, which will allow you to fully understand the elements of fear in the game.

This demo was made by a fan and he has been developing Unreal PT since April 2018. The game supports mice and keyboards as well as PS4 and Xbox One gamepads and is almost identical to the original teaser. The only difference is the end of the game, that reaching the end of the game in this version is not accidental and allows you to finish the game without relying on luck.

PT puts you in the role of an unknown person in the form of a first-person camera who wakes up in a haunted house. In this house, you can only move in an L-shaped corridor that has no more than two rooms; One is the bathroom and the other is the room where the player enters a cycle and the player returns to the beginning of this L-shaped corridor, with the difference that this corridor changes from time to time. During the game you can only zoom in and out and you have to do the puzzles in the game environment. Players encounter a ghost named Lisa during the game, and if this ghost notices the player’s presence, a Jump Scare scene will occur for the players and the players will return to the beginning of the current cycle. Although the gameplay seems simple, with each cycle, important story clues are added to the teaser that raise many theories about the game’s main character and Lisa. The remastered version of PT for the PC platform was developed by fans of the teaser, but was prevented from being released because there was no legal backing for it. With Kojima splitting from Konami, we should not expect the original PT game to be made with the quality it displayed.

Silent Hills was first known as the successor to the franchise of the same name, the work of Hideo Kojima and Guilermo del Toro. The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus was also present in the game. The initial teaser was an enigmatic and interesting experience and excited everyone. Unfortunately, Silent Hills was canceled due to disputes between Kojima and Konami, and the PT version was removed from the Sony store.


Minimum System Requirements :

CPU: i3-7100U 7th Generation with Intel HD 620
GPU: Integrated

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