Download SimCity BuildIt game for Android

Download SimCity BuildIt game for Android

Pseudo-style games are one of the best for those who like to experience things like driving, urban planning, bridge building and many more in a playful way. The graphics and details that are considered for this type of games are very accurate and high quality so that you have a real sense of building a city and other things. SimCity BuildIt is one of the simulation style games that has been able to fascinate many people so far. The designer of that company is none other than Electronic Arts, a strong team that has been able to publish many interesting works in different styles.

Few people have never heard the name of this fascinating game or tested a stage of it. Different versions of this game, both on mobile smartphones and PCs, have been able to satisfy and delight fans of the simulation style. This game will make you the mayor of a big and beautiful city. A city that you have worked hard to build. Existence of different tools and buildings to create a beautiful and user-friendly city can be one of the distinguishing features of this game from the competitors.

+ Generalities + Summary:

At SimCity you will be in a crowded city where you have to keep your citizens happy with different tasks. In order for government expenses to be reimbursed, you must collect taxes from your citizens and make the city beautiful and attractive with this money. Expand and entertain your citizens by creating various amusement parks such as water parks, green spaces, sports complexes, shopping and shopping malls and more. The game will allow you to create real cities such as Paris and مج virtually and enjoy it. The game’s graphics with a lot of details will be able to dazzle your eyes to the screen. The game environment is strategically designed so that you take full control of the city and quickly find out about problems.

  • Key features of the game:
  1. Existence of different buildings to create
  2. Ability to create real cities virtually
  3. Various construction tools
  4. Create different places in the city
  5. Upgrade and improve built-in locations
  6. Fun gameplay
  7. Highly detailed and attractive graphics