Download Sky Dancer Run v4.2.0 - Android
Sky Dancer Run

Download Sky Dancer Run v4.2.0 – Android

Sky Dancer Run has been released for free by the TOPEBOX game studio in Google Play Store. This game is in the style of adventure, which managed to register a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 on Google Play with 10 million downloads. Sky Dancer Run has a wide variety of items and sections that you have to pay to get. To do this, coins are placed in the paths in front of you, by collecting them, you can buy the parts you want and use these items in the game. You can set a new record by lengthening your path.

In Sky Dancer Run, step on an amazing planet, run on its narrow and dangerous paths, and enjoy its beautiful landscapes and scenery. The game is designed in 3D – 3D in which you have to guide the main character of the game while moving forward using the excellent touch control in the game and for this purpose, You can jump by touching two fingers and move it to both sides by touching the left and right side of your device screen. You need Android 5.0 or higher to run this game.

Sky Dancer Run v4.2.0 Apk + Mod


Sky Dancer Run

Run and jump across hazardous cliffs from one flying island to another, while avoiding large boulders. Feel free like a bird as you run through the skies and land gracefully trying to beat the endless abyss. Conquer all the dangerous terrains in different weather conditions from clear skies to storms that rage for days.

File information
  • File size: 93.24 MB (regular version) + 95.81 MB (modded version)