Download Sonic Forces game for Android

Download Sonic Forces game for Android

There are so many cartoon and movie characters that are part of our childhood memories and are called nostalgia. Remembering these memories often takes us to the good mood of those days and provides us with happy moments. Sonic’s very popular character is one of those nostalgic characters who is going to bring us the same memorable moments again, this time in the world of mobile games, and entertain us for a long time. For those who are interested in these types of titles, in the following, we are going to introduce the very popular game Sonic Forces by SEGA, a well- known game development studio, which has been produced in the adventure style.

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In Sonic and Friends, you will enter an all-out competition against different players around the world, so you have to run at full speed on certain routes, such as different roads or railroad tracks, and of course your goal should be nothing but victory, otherwise You are lagging behind and you will not progress as you should. Of course, keep in mind that there are many obstacles in your way that will hold you back from your opponents. Never forget that with the various items you have in hand, such as fireballs, mines and و, you can cause trouble for your opponents and knock them out of the field, but take care of yourself because they also have this ability.

Key game features:

  1. Smooth and unique gameplay
  2. There are many and varied race routes
  3. Ability to choose different characters except Sonic such as Amy, Tails, Shadow and…
  4. Exist various items such as lightning, storm and و to attack rivals
  5. Ability to upgrade your character using the obtained rings in the competitions

Sonic Forces currently has a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 in the Play Store . What are you waiting for? Now you can download the game introduced in this article for free