Download SparkChess HD 14.0.0 - Android
SparkChess HD

Download SparkChess HD 14.0.0 – Android

SparkChess HD mobile game takes you to the world of chess and you can experience the best brain teaser. The game has complete chess rules and you can experience chess in different settings. You can challenge your friends and show your skills to others. To play, you must have high skills in concentration and thinking and check your opponents.

By downloading SparkChess HD, you can experience multiplayer modes and visually experience the game in 3D and high quality. You will have the best opponents and you can experience this game for hours. This game is installed and runs on Android operating system 4.1 and above.

SparkChess HD 14.0.0 Apk


SparkChess HD

Ready, Set, Move

With Spark Chess, there are no layers of menus to navigate or to check settings – -it’s all right there on one screen. Choose black or white pieces, pick from three Opponents of varying skill levels and start playing.

Challenge your friends

If you feel confident with chess, test your skills against other human players. Spark Chess has a very fast and intuitive online multiplayer mode. No signup required – just connect, choose to do your best and opponent. Leaderboards are updated hourly.

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  • File size: 14 MB