Download Stranded Sails Explorers of the Cursed Islands for PC

Download Stranded Sails Explorers of the Cursed Islands for PC

Farming and dealing with nature is one of the most enjoyable occupations that can be found in the world. The shaking of the yellow wheat and the taste of fresh and juicy fruits are wonderful. Lemonbomb Entertainment has created an attractive game to replicate this feeling. Stranded Sails Explorers of the Cursed Islands , relying on the entertainment aspect, has entered the world of video games and takes us to the Caribbean islands. This time there is no news about pirates and we must come to our senses and farm! Sit back and enjoy the adventure because you have no control over anything and you move with the wind.

Stranded Sails Explorers of the Cursed Islands puts you in a fascinating linear story and stages where you must reach a series of specific goals each time to continue your adventure. It is dialogue and discussion with the team members that make up the story. The story begins where you play the role of the ship captain’s son or daughter, and then in an unfortunate accident, you make your way to an island. Your father is injured and you are forced to search the island. Since your ship is not there and is destroyed, you have to do different things to survive. That’s why you need to build a large camp and bring together different members. Agriculture is the first base to settle on the island. Tackle various challenges with the team members and rebuild your big ship again so that you can come out of this adventure and hard journey alive.

Fortunately, your dear father has prepared a general recipe for you, otherwise your hat would have been awesome. Remember not to work day and night as your energy levels will fluctuate and you may become unconscious and unable to do anything for several days. This game will never put you under pressure or punish you. The goal is to enjoy the atmosphere of the game and the beautiful nature of the Caribbean. The experience of the open world Stranded Sails Explorers of the Cursed Islands is extremely enjoyable and fun. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and come out of this adventure safe with agriculture and hunting. If you are interested in this style, we suggest My Time at Portia and Farmers Dynasty .


Minimum System Requirements :

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Dual-Core: 2Ghz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 512MB
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 4000 MB available space

About This Game:

Stranded Sails is a family-friendly single-player Open World farming adventure in a relaxing Caribbean setting. Sit back and relax while the game guides you through your adventure. The game is based on another philosophy than games such as Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, which is why it is important to read this text carefully. We just want to make sure the game really fulfills your expectations. In Stranded Sails you follow a linear main quest using clearly defined goals to lead you from one adventure to the next. Dialogues with your crew guide you through the story. As either the captain’s daughter or son you’re shipwrecked along with your crew on your very first journey and end up on a mysterious exotic archipelago. Your father is gravely injured when your ship crashes ashore, so you have to explore the islands,

Download with direct linkFile size: 674 MB
Download Update v1.1-HOODLUM game update with direct linkFile size: 45 MB
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