Download Swordman Reforged 2.1.3 - Android
Swordman Reforged

Download Swordman Reforged 2.1.3 – Android

Swordman Reforged, Get ready for more adventures with Swordsman Reforged and try to hunt monsters. This game gives you attractive levels and you can have unique weapons in each of them. Strange phenomena have invaded the earth and you can prepare for a big battle by examining them. The game is a platformer and is very exciting to follow. Swords have a lot of epic graphics and every player can have the motivation to get them. You will get more points by defeating the bosses and you will have no problem upgrading your skills. This game is installed and runs on Android 4.4 and above.

Swordman Reforged 2.1.3 Apk + Mod


Swordman Reforged

Ready for more adventures with Sword Man? This game will give you, monster hunters, more levels to fail and pass, more cool weapons to show off, and MUCH MORE!

With the hunting season just around the corner, the hunter begins his journey to the land only to discover a strange phenomenon where inanimate objects are brought to life. How will the hunter investigate and deal with this mishap?

With a thrilling storyline laced with mystical elements and easy and smooth control, this exciting action platformer game can be the perfect pastime that you’ve been looking for. DOWNLOAD NOW and get on a quest to collect awesome epic swords, defeat new adorable little monsters and fight bosses and explore secret hidden maps with each dungeon!

Installation guide

* Important Note *

For some time now, some Android apps and games have been released in a new way called split. Therefore, it is necessary to install these programs in a new way and use them.

– Download the zip file and unzip it.

– Install and run the SAI software that is included in the download package.

– Find the extracted folder through SAI software and check all the files that exist.

– Select the SELECT option to go through the last step of the installation process and easily use the original and universal version of programs and games.

Swordman Reforged File information
  • File size: 84 MB