Download the animation of the headmen - Henchmen 2018 in full HD quality
Henchmen 2018

Download the animation of the headmen – Henchmen 2018 in full HD quality

Download Henchmen 2018 animation – WEB-DL quality

Synopsis: The Henchmen animation takes place in a world full of evil superheroes and traitors by nature, and the global dominance of these superheroes pervades the world. One of these superheroes must give up his job and be able to go to war with all of them. The story of this animation begins where a hero rises and intends to lead an honest group to fight traitors.

The leadership of this group is in the hands of Hank and you should be able to use the ultimate weapon for the dream of an alliance of demons. Hank must compete with a large group of traitors and use the weapons of each of his group’s heroes. This animation will show you that only one hero can change everything and make big changes.

Animation Name: Henchmen – Henchmen (Heads)

Year of publication: 2018

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Duration: 89 minutes

Quality: WEB-DL 720p / WEB-DL x265 1080p

English subtitle: Yes



Henchmen 2018

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The design of the characters in Henchmen 2018 animation has been done in the best possible way and we see many comedic and funny dialogues in this animation. A boy intends to change the situation and play the role of a hero. He is a company worker and has a cleaning job.

But time puts him on a new path and he gradually becomes a superhero. He cannot control his powers at first and he has many ups and downs; But in the end it can make a big difference. This is a very exciting adventure and his teammates will accompany him. The evil superheroes take Hank off his path, and it remains to be seen to what extent this group, led by Hank, can defeat these evil villains.

In a world of super-villains, evil schemes and global domination, someone has to take out the trash. Welcome to the world of Henchmen, third class. When a fresh-faced new recruit joins the Union of Evil, he is assigned to a motley crew of blue-collar workers led by fallen henchmen Hank. But when The Kid accidentally steals the super villain’s ultimate weapon, Hank must break his risk-nothing code to save the boy he’s befriended, even if it means becoming the one thing he has always avoided being: a hero.

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