Download the first season of The Walking Dead for PC

Download the first season of The Walking Dead for PC

Zombies and that repetitive but sweet world! After the success of The Wlaking Dead series, TellTale Games studio came out and created a different and extraordinary game by using the popular name of The Walking Dead and adapting it from its special and beautiful world. The game has nothing to do with the world of serials and its comics and is composed of a different world with different characters. The game’s story is about the interactions that take place in the age of zombies for different characters.

The story of the first season of The Walking Dead tells the life of two people named Lee and Clementine, who find each other in an abandoned hut and try to survive together, but after a while the relationship between the two goes much further. They become these words and somehow become each other’s family. The game story has a wide selection. You can determine how you treat everyone and help them if you see a stranger. The selection system is very sensitive in the game, so that each of your choices in the game can end up killing one person.

Unfortunately, the game’s graphics have not worked well technically, and sometimes we see many weaknesses in the design of the game’s details. But all these weaknesses are less felt behind his extraordinary artistic designs. The game environment completely conveys that apocalyptic and zombie-centric feeling to the gamer and you will not get tired of its designs in any way.

The sound in this game is as well done as possible, the background music, although very little in the game, conveys a sense of excitement to the gamer and causes the adrenaline of your blood. The voice actors have done their job as well as possible, and all the dialogues that are exchanged between the characters are played without any problems and with the right accent.

The game was nominated for the Video Game Awards in its release year, and won the best game of the year by this great event. The reason for this success is not the game’s graphics or the weakness of other games, but the story, characterization and pure gameplay system that made this success. After that, Telltale Games has adapted from the world of books and other series, which I suggest you try them all.

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