Download Unruly Heroes game for PC

Download Unruly Heroes game for PC

Unruly Heroes , meaning “Unbearable Heroes”, is the latest presentation from Magic Design Studios , which has received almost perfect marks from critics and users; An adventure is a platform set in the world of Chinese mythology and can be run individually or up to four people online and offline. You play as four interchangeable heroes without almost unique skills, advancing by defeating enemies and paving your way by solving puzzles and searching for areas. There are also a large number of instant death traps, challenges and at the same time one of the attractions of the game. At any time during the game you can change your character to another four heroes.

The sacred covenant of maintaining harmony in our world has been destroyed and scattered in the wind in various places, and now, strange creatures have created discord and chaos all over the earth. Only four completely different heroes from unreliable heroes can turn the tide back Sanzang the Wise, Wukong the Insignificant Monkey, Kihong the Greedy Pig and Sandmonk the Violent Sensitive. On their journey west, the four will travel to an extraordinary world to collect pieces of the treaty and fight an army of evil creatures.

Another attraction of the game is the different design of the enemies, which forces the gamer to think according to the type of their defensive shield and the different abilities of the characters, and continue the game by choosing the appropriate character. Some other game features:

  1. Experience the Legend of the King monkey, solo or work with up to four players in network mode
  2. Use learning different skills to use four different heroes for each of the new items and challenges
  3. Check your reaction while fighting a set of challenging and giant enemies in each stage.
  4. Give your enemies to use their power and ability
  5. Explore different worlds in a colorful fantasy world, solve puzzles and overcome acrobatic obstacles
  6. Immerse yourself in the visual arts, animation and audio
  7. Fight your friends in PVP mode online and show off your kung fu style!

The game space takes the audience to their past when these types of games were played on micro and Sega consoles; It wins with the difference that the graphics and details are much higher and the backgrounds are more dynamic. Considering these descriptions as well as the good scores of the game on various websites, it seems that we are witnessing the presentation of one of the best 2D games to users so that they can enjoy this game. If you are looking for an action platformer game that is similar in gameplay to the Rayman series , Unruly Heroes offers a similar but slightly more actionable experience that can keep you entertained with your friends for hours.


Minimum System Requirements :

OS: Windows 7 (32 / 64bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i3 2100
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce GeForce GTX 650
Storage: 4 GB available space

About This Game:

The sacred scroll preserving harmony in our world has been torn up and scattered to the winds. Now, strange and terrifying creatures are sowing discord and chaos throughout the land. Only four totally opposed, implausible heroes can turn back the tide: Sanzang the wise, Wukong the fearless monkey, Kihong the greedy pig, and Sandmonk the sensitive brute. On their westward journey, they will travel to fantastical worlds to gather the pieces of the scroll and fight an army of evil creatures.

Download Part 1 with direct linkFile size: 1 GB
Download Part 2 with direct linkFile size: 1 GB
Download Part 3 with direct linkFile size: 55 MB
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