Download Valiant Hearts The Great War game for Android

Download Valiant Hearts The Great War game for Android

War is very painful and only those who understand that they have been involved in it, those who have been killed so as not to be killed, those who should have forgotten humanity once, Valiant Hearts is a title that wants to show us the bitter truths of war.This game narrates the bitterness of the First World War. The original idea for the game came from letters sent by soldiers to their loved ones during the war. Letters that seem to have been the last word in their lives. The sole purpose of this game, according to its creator, is to deliver a message. “Why are we fighting?”

The story of the game revolves around 4 controllable characters. The first character in the game is a young man named Carl who is forcibly separated from his wife and children and has to serve in the German army. Emily is the second character, Carl’s father-in-law, most of the game revolves around the character and the interactions of his life. The third character in the game is a person named Freddy, who voluntarily took part in the war in revenge for his wife who was killed by the Germans. The last and fourth character of the game is a nursing girl named Anna who serves on the battlefield. Her job is to take care of the sick and prevent the soldiers from being killed. As you progress through the story, you will encounter the real motivations of each of them.

The core of the gameplay and the progress of Valiant Hearts The Great WarIn fact, it is a series of riddles. The 4 characters of the game each have their own capabilities, which we see in the difference in the puzzles of each with the other characters. One of the weaknesses of the gameplay is very simple puzzles, and if you can not solve them after a certain time, the game itself will guide you by showing images from the minds of the characters. Apart from humans, there is a fifth playable character, a dog. He is present with most of the characters and he should be used to solve puzzles and find hidden objects. The word was hidden from objects. There are items in the game that you must find. In fact, what bothers the game is that there is no incentive to continue the stages, the only thing that encourages you is the fate of the characters in the story.

UbiArt Framework is the same graphics engine used to make games like Rayman and Child of Light, and this engine has also been used to build VH. The graphic details of the game have special designs. The design of the game environments and the feel and the presence in them well demonstrates the ability of the production studio to depict the First World War of this magnitude on a colorful painting screen. In a word, the 2.5-dimensional graphics of the game is very simple and enchanting. The variety of environments is also very acceptable. The music of the game is very pleasant and calm. There are 39 pieces in the game, most of which are very quiet and low-impact. The calmness that exists in this music is the opposite of the rhythm of the game. I should also say that sometimes we see exciting music depending on the circumstances and requirements of the stages.

The purpose of making Valiant Hearts: The Great War is not to open the mind to its riddles or to look at the glamorous graphics of the eighth generation. The goal is not to listen to loud music and raise your adrenaline; The goal is simple: to show the true face of the war, the war that orphaned many children. This game tells you the war from the language and story of the soldiers themselves and other components of the game are all used to prove this goal.

  • Size: 850 MB