Download VectorMan Classic 4.1.0 - Android

Download VectorMan Classic 4.1.0 – Android

VectorMan Classic shows the planet Earth in 2049, where the earth has been conquered by some hellish people and only you can be the last hope of humanity to be saved. The game consists of 16 fascinating and lovely stages and you can discover the game world little by little. Fight monsters with a new mechanism and you can have a different world than other Sega works. This game is installed and runs on Android 4.4 and above.

VectorMan Classic 4.1.0 Apk + Mod



Earth 2049 – a toxic hellhole ruled by robots! Only you, VectorMan, can save the last remaining humans from extermination by the evil dictator Warhead. Now available on mobile, play free and rediscover SEGA’s ground-breaking pre-rendered stunner!

Brawl, blast, morph and bomb your way through 16 lethal levels of mechanized mayhem. Collect devastating power-ups and morph your body into killer weaponry to end the robots’ toxic reign!

– 16 toxic levels of run ‘n’ gun insanity! Combat waves of mechanized monsters in a hellish future-world.
– Transform VectorMan into a drill, a bomb, or a mechanized fish to bring the tyranny robot to an end!
– The better you are, the more power-ups you’ll earn to give you the edge over a host of insane enemies.

We cleaned up some bugs!

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