Download Wolfenstein The New Order game for PC

Download Wolfenstein The New Order game for PC

You must have heard a lot of fame from the popular title of MachineGames studio , Wolfenstein: The New Order . The game has been under development since 2010 and was finally officially released to the global market by Bethesda in 2014, and received relatively good feedback from gamers and critics alike, to the point where it achieved an acceptable meta score of 81. Take it easy. Take a brief look at this game on the Game website.

The story of the game goes back to World War II, but with a big change, in this game, Germany has won World War II and the whole world is kneeling before it. This creates a special excitement in the gamer, because everyone wants to see what the world would look like after Germany’s victory in World War II. After the victory of Germany, there was a significant advancement in technology and a proud and beautiful victory for the Germans. But at what price were all these formed? The United States surrendered after being targeted by Nazi atomic bombs, Moscow caught fire, the Chinese task force was completely disbanded, and many other tragedies occurred. No country or individual dares to confront the Nazis except one man. A man who worships his country and is willing to sacrifice his life in the face of the Nazis and the freedom of his people. The Germans are killing innocent people one after the other and only William Bilazkovic can defeat them. The story of the game does not revolve only in the interactions of the war with the Nazis, and there are many side missions that make the game more interesting for you. The story of the game is never repeated and always goes unpredictably. The whole game has a rich and fascinating story that, along with its other parts, encourages the gamer to play more.

One of the most interesting parts of the game is its gameplay. The gameplay is designed according to the very advanced technology of the Nazis after the victory in World War II, which will be followed by one of the most extensive titles in recent years in this section. Due to the great science that the Nazis spread in the world, in the game we see very advanced, dangerous and formidable weapons, apart from the high power of weapons, you will be able to shoot simultaneously with both hands and two weapons. Of course, the power of your enemies increases during the game. There are many secret stages in the game and you can move the game silently and secretly according to your wishes. One of the weaknesses in this section is the great lack of artificial intelligence of the enemies, which we see very easy to play. AI has worked so poorly in stealth that enemies will only notice your presence if you go in front of them.

Apart from these serious parts in the game process, we also see many fan parts. For example, in one of these stages, when you are asleep, in your dream, you have to escape from Wolfenstein Castle, let me also say that the graphics of this part are at the level of Atari games, no more…! In the end, the gameplay is at a very good level and will excite you at many times, but we should not ignore its weakness in the secret stages.

Another factor that made this game stand out was its beautiful graphics. The game environment is very extensive and the design of the details is well done. But what creates a bit of an imbalance in this part was the late loading of the game textures, although this problem was solved on the same day of the game’s release by presenting an installation package of 5 GB by its creators. The characters are well designed and we saw characters with high detail in the game. Another weakness of the game in terms of graphics is the successive bugs that often create funny scenes. The precision in the design of the faces is also very remarkable, the wrinkles are very detailed and convey the whole feeling to the gamer. The lighting of the game is well done, especially at night, and had a great impact on the beauty of the game’s graphics. In general, we saw acceptable graphics in the game.

The game’s soundtrack has evolved from the ability of voice actors to evoke a sense of excitement in the gamer to the game’s background music. All the pieces that are played in the background of the game have been selected according to the stage and certainly with the obsession of the creators. In the end, it must be said that Wolfenstein: The New Order met all our expectations and the experience of this game is not without merit.

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Minimum System Requirements :
OS: 64-bit Windows 7 / Windows 8
Processor: Intel Core i7 or equivalent AMD
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 460, ATI Radeon HD 6850
Hard Drive: 50 GB available space

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