Download Zombie Shooter-Dead Warfare 1.1.1 - for Android
Zombie Shooter

Download Zombie Shooter-Dead Warfare 1.1.1 – for Android

Certainly, the game Zombie Shooter-Dead Warfare is one of the best works that you can experience in the field of violent battles with zombies and experience fighting and violence at a high level. The game’s graphics are very beautiful and put you in scary and inflamed spaces. This is not just a fight that the game requires of you and you have to gather a group for yourself and seek to get food for yourself and your group. The game has a very attractive FPS system and provides you with full action. You can download and install this game for Android 2.3 and above.

Zombie Shooter-Dead Warfare 1.1.1 Apk + Mod



Zombie Shooter

At the end of the day, the crazy zombies have surrounded the city! On the street, grocery stores, factories, everywhere there is a rotten smell, zombies floating around, the hearts of the people. In this fallen world, you walk between the end, and kindness can’t change anything. Only fighting and killing will win a chance for yourself.

Game features:
• Fight through more than a dozen regions and develop strategies for different war battlefields. This zombie shooting FPS is full of action!
• Become a zombie shooter with dozens of weapons. Improve your sniper’s aiming shooting skills and hit each dead zombie with bullets!
• Gain insight into multiple game war scenarios, including military, global missions, and support missions. Complete the victory of the FPS sniper in this battle against death!
• Learn the combat skills of the army in the zombie doomsday battlefield!

File information
  • File size: 71 MB