DPT ThinkDesign Professional 2019.1 x64

DPT ThinkDesign Professional 2019.1 x64

ThinkDesign is a CAD software with powerful digital prototyping solutions that covers the entire product definition cycle and meets the needs of those working in the design and engineering sectors. This software has functional functions such as two-dimensional and three-dimensional integration, creating and editing curves, surfaces and solids, sheet metal, pipes, assembly management, table creation, animation, mechanical component libraries, FEM integration and so on. One of the benefits of using a unique solution such as ThinkDesign Professional at different stages of product definition is the elimination of communication barriers between designers, engineers and mold and equipment technicians.

Features and specifications of ThinkDesign software:

  • Hybrid Modeler: Allows you to work on frames, surface models, and solid models simultaneously in one environment. Solids and surfaces can be used in basic construction operations and maintain interdependence between all persons.
  • Area Modeling and Drafting: The area modeling command enables you to apply all the GSM (Global Shape Modeling) features to selected areas (faces) of a solid model. Draft area enables users to add a draft angle to one or more solid areas (faces)
  • Bug modeling: providing a very high level of technological innovation with unparalleled ease of use. This feature is currently the only creation and modification tool that allows change in a fast and accurate method at any stage of the design process and accelerates the interaction with unlimited creativity and eliminates the need to rebuild the model.

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder inside the ISO file.

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